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On This Memorial Day, Let US Ask

May 30, 2011

On this Memorial Day, more than any one before, let us ask ourselves: What did our patriots die for?

Did our Forefathers gamble their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor so that we the People might, on this day, find ourselves and our children threatened with a present and future slavery to a Congress and White House unwilling to serve us and our Constitution?

Did the boys at the Alamo lay down their lives so that Mexicans might, on this day, overrun our borders with the feigned indifference and/or secret complicity of our Congress and the White House?

Did our soldiers fight and die in numerous Wars so that a new, more elite batch of foreign tyrants operating domestically in Washington DC might rule us in our America?

Was the ultimate sacrifice made by every patriot throughout our history for nothing?

By the will of our Creator, let us redefine Memorial Day to a day when all Americans–regardless of race, creed or color–renew that historic and sacred pledge to replenish Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty with not only our blood, but the blood of tyrants, both foreign and, especially now, domestic.

How better can we the People of these United States honor the great and costly sacrifices so willingly laid upon the altar of our Freedom than to declare this Memorial Day, and every one after, not only a day of solemn and humble remembrance and thanksgiving, but also, when so necessary, a vigorous call to arms.


Michael Jackson

July 10, 2009

First, let me extend my heartfelt condolences to Michael Jackson’s family.  I know they’re suffering and I feel for them.

That said, however, I don’t understand the media’s fixation with the guy. By the same token, I don’t understand Michael’s lifelong obsession with plastic surgery either.

Michael didn’t seem to have any trouble profiting on his God-given talents for singing and dancing. And he was good. Very good. Shivers up your spine good.

So, why did he feel a compulsive need to change his appearance? That, too, was God-given, and seemed to serve him extremely well for a long while. A nose job I can understand.  But what he morphed into over time and surgery allowed others, including segments of the same self-serving media, to call him a freak. And, sorry to say, he did look the part at the end.

Was this obsession with appearance a result of growing up virtually in spotlight? Was it drugs? Some aberration in his mental makeup? I’m not sure we’ll ever know. But I know, as a fan, I felt sorrier and sorrier for him as time went on. To the point where I shied away from following him or buying his records, ne’er to return.

Now, this same self-serving media currently fauning over Jackson in his death at the expense of other news will take apart his life, bit by bit, reveling in the worst details and allegations they can dig up for all the world to see.  Why? For money, naturally. As they say in the newspaper biz, this story has legs, and the media will milk every tidbit of news, good or bad, for every penny.

And that’s where the real tragedy lies. The family now will have to endure months, if not years, of this nitpicking of Michael’s corpse by the vultures of media concerned only with how the latest hoary headline fattens their bottom line.

Perhaps Michael’s apparent obsession with plastic surgery sprang from a subconscious desire to shield himself from the obsessively harsh lights of celebrity, if only for five freaking minutes.

Again, my heartfelt condolences go out to the Jackson family. May the media hacks that pass for journalists nowadays back off long enough for you to find some peace. If only for five freaking minutes.