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When Just Enough is Too Much

August 8, 2010

Why are there always just enough Republicans in Congress willing to advance Progressive agenda?

Obamacare, so-called financial reform, and that totally inexperienced Kagan confirmed to the Supreme Court. Just enough Republican votes to advance the Progressive agenda.

Why do you think that is?

Perhaps this is because both parties are in the European One World Communists pocket. All this fighting we’re doing amongst ourselves–Left versus Right, liberal versus conservative, gay versus heterosexual, Muslim versus Christians–is orchestrated by our Common enemy. And, the evidence is clear, with just enough Republicans voting, that our Common enemy owns both parties. So what good is November, even if our votes give the Republicans a clear majority?

They aren’t going to repeal Obamacare. They’ll have a hundred excuses why they can’t do anything NOW, because the Muslim Mole in the White House will simply veto anything they send him and poor, pitiful me, these sorrowing Republicans just don’t have enough votes to override his veto, so really, repealing Obamacare would simply be a waste of our poor beleaguered Republicans’ time.

Mark my words. Waiting until November in hope of saving this country is exactly what these master propagandists who have taken control of our Government want you to do. They plan to break you, America–to break your spirit, if nothing else. You will just be exchanging one set of puppets for another.

You have to rise above the hate being peddled to all sides. You must see  our Common enemy because sure as shit, if you don’t stand up and fight using every peaceful means at your disposal, you will be forcing your children and your grandchildren to pick up a gun to take what’s left of America and its Freedoms back.

Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi showed the world the way to wage and win a peaceful revolution. Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it, not mindlessly to the ballot box, but to sit-in after sit-in, to peaceful protest in all manner you can think of, even if it means risking your life, your fortune, your sacred honor and not paying your taxes.

Again, I ask: why are there ALWAYS on every major issue JUST ENOUGH Republicans voting to advance the Progressive agenda?

M.L. Bushman


The Four Stages of Communism

July 22, 2010

Geary-Khamis: The International Dollar You’ve Never Heard Of

July 10, 2010

From Wikipedia:”The Geary-Khamis dollar, also known as the international dollar, is a hypothetical unit of currency that has the same purchasing power that the U.S. dollar had in the United States at a given point in time. The years 1990 or 2000 are often used as a benchmark year for comparisons that run through time.

It is based on the twin concepts of purchasing power parities (PPP) of currencies and the international average prices of commodities. It shows how much a local currency unit is worth within the country’s borders. It is used to make comparisons both between countries and over time. For example, comparing per capita gross domestic product (GDP) of various countries in international dollars, rather than based simply on exchange rates, provides a more valid measure to compare standards of living. It was proposed by Roy C. Geary in 1958 and developed by Salem Hanna Khamis in 1970 to 1972.

The term, while not in widespread use, is sometimes used by international organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in their published statistics.

Figures expressed in international dollars cannot be converted to another country’s currency using current market exchange rates; instead they must be converted using the country’s PPP exchange rate used in the study.”

There’s little information on the Web, nothing in the news, about this fabricated dollar. And once we’re all using our debit and credit cards, our every purchase tracked, once the need for actual physical currency is gone, what’s left of our freedoms?

Here’s another link that says virtually the same thing about this hush-hush “international” dollar.

So, if the standard is changed, if the US dollar is no longer the base currency of measurement for the entire world, what then? How much do you think your property, your labor, your goods, the food you eat, will be worth in, say, Chinese yuan?

The “international” dollar. Out of very thin air. Why collapse our currency? Anyone?

How else do you reduce us all and our American standard of living to that of the third-world serfs already conquered in Europe, Australia, Africa and the like?

Collapse the currency, the economy, devalue drastically the human and material resources of an entire nation, and, equally if not more importantly, discount the value of land. When US dollars are worth Geary-Khamis pennies, my house won’t be worth diddly-squat, especially to someone loaded with Billions or Trillions of that brand new international currency. Gee, wonder how much Soros has stashed in his mythical bank account.

Tell me this isn’t the richest Progressives’ game. The annual Bilderberg meeting this year was more to laugh behind all our backs because, like this truth or not, they’re winning, against all of us–because we the People won’t stand together.

M.L. Bushman

Independence Day, At Last

July 4, 2010

Nature teaches that any species who outgrows its resources or controlled environment faces a major correction to its population, up to and including outright extinction. Whether by political design or disease or starvation or privation or pollution, or even a breech of our round blue environ from without, the species Human is no exception.

The masses arguing over non-issues introduced as cover for the would-be Lords fighting each other for control of this round blue Petri dish labeled Earth are just begging for a rather rude and crude global correction, one we will all suffer equally if we collectively allow them to continue their gang warfare unimpeded.

Consider yeast cultured in a plain bowl. Each living molecule of the organism requires food and a hospitable environment to grow. One small misstep, one variation from these optimum conditions–limited fuel, not enough or too much heat in the environment–the yeast collapses and dies. This is a rather simplistic example of a natural correction. Now, whether our impending correction is self-induced or comes from without is anyone’s guess, but I’m praying that God, good Father and merciful, is going to let us all–good, bad and indifferent–feel his boot to our assets swiftly, catastrophically, strip the Band-Aid as it were, leaving but a smarting remnant to try this experiment again. That is, if he considers species Human worth saving at all.

I personally welcome an end to the global gamesmanship that would see an entire Gulf polluted with oil while the gang of Soros orgies with minions like Obama at the high altars of GREED and PENIS, aka EGO. He who dies with the most toys…wins what exactly? What is it that you think you actually take with you when you leave this planet? Penis stays here. Money stays here. Material possessions of every sort stay here. Self-proclaimed titles like Lord of Earth stay here. If, according to rudimentary physics, energy can never be destroyed, then apparently most of you have yet to consider whether you are an eternal energy housed in a temporary Human shell or just a wasted shell. The lot of you are looking more and more like the latter.

I’m bone-tired of entertaining the limited and misinformed opinions put forth by the rather fluffy young souls in our midst, souls the cosmic age-equivalent of elementary pupils who find the mere idea of a Mind behind this whole process of birth and rebirth too frighteningly large a concept for them to even marginally consider. That simple mathematics exists at all proves a Mind–nothing less could’ve created the very foundation upon which whole Universes are predicated.

Go ahead, call me, call every older soul certifiable who dares mention the larger scheme in play here beyond a single life on Earth. I’m not required to care about your names, your labels, your epithets or your opinion of me, of anything, anymore.

The concept of Earth as School, of each life spent as a single teaching moment in a growing list of them, might seem extreme on the surface, but so did the idea of a global conspiracy to bring about a One World Socialist Order at one time, until that arrogant moron Soros decided to try it. And if this impending planetary correction is, at least for some of us, graduation day from a course of life study whose syllabus includes the effects of the seven deadly sins on a weak and highly susceptible species Human, then I would have my soul right with God.

This schoolyard we call Earth will be cleared. And since I’ve now pointed this out to you numerous times in one setting, I have fully satisfied my moral obligation as an older soul to warn you of said correction. Let me say again, mainly for the eternal record: very sorry for your losses, both now and in the future, but I have this moment fulfilled my duty to both God and country. What happens next to billions of living Human souls of all cosmic ages when the correction, the graduation, the moment of truth, finally arrives no longer matters to me individually. You’re not listening anyway. You’re so sure you know all there is to know. Please continue to do just as your wizening hearts will.

It has become painfully obvious to anyone with more than just skin in this game that Truth no longer matters here on Earth anymore, not even in America.

“Accidents” of a magnitude as the Gulf spill are rarely timed with such efficiency; just as the bungling and outright intentional obstruction of the so-called cleanup effort is rarely accomplished with such overall efficacy. Yet, few Americans want to consider the whole of that and what it truly implies because then they might, just might, feel compelled by the last lingering shred of their morals and ethics to get off their assets and do something more constructive than rant and rail from the privacy of their home computers. Well, woe is me, too. Keep falling prey to the narcotic distractions injected like a junkie’s fix on a daily basis by the One World Media Machine; please do, keep fighting amongst yourselves over issues that mean little or nothing to your survival as a nation, as a planet, as a species, as an individual soul in the Universe at large. Pray you don’t have to come back and clean up after yourselves–if you happen to leave so much as a planet capable of sustaining life of a higher order than species Roach to come back to.

If you’ve hung with me thus far, know that I have already entered concepts and ideas into your thick heads, words that stick to the mind like glue, whether you focus on them, ignore them, understand them, pretend to forget them, hate them, or agree with the message, or not. From this moment on, you may no longer claim any valid excuse for doing absolutely nothing about the deplorable state of your nation, your world, your species, even if you act purely and selfishly on your soul’s behalf. What goes around, comes around, or doesn’t–get a dictionary and look up inertia or even karma. Ask yourself what happens if that God you love to disregard, that Mind you loudly declare impotent or even nonexistent decides you must repeat this course, from primordial soup to a last Decision to Act, all innumerable lives of it.

You can, of course, wait patiently for November and your vaunted ballot box, America, like Soros and the One World Media Machine want you to do. They know, better than most of you, that limiting your choices at said box is a prime way of taking your freedom without being overt. Ah, yes, be a good citizen and remember in November while, in the interim, oil continues to foul the Gulf; your so-called president is woefully, criminally derelict in his duties, yet remains unprosecuted; and the Soros Progressive agenda/coup is still being advanced–one Kagan, one new act of legislation at a time. It’s so much easier to wait to vote, to march once or twice in the streets carrying a sign that, in the end, accomplishes nothing of lasting import, so much easier to look the other way on crimes committed and unprosecuted at an alarming rate in your nation’s capital, isn’t it? Much easier than pledging your lives, your souls, your sacred honor, to gather in private homes and out of the way taverns, to arm yourselves with more than pithy slogans to defend all that’s left of Good. As a wiser man than me once said, you must give your life to save it. I would give my life, if only to save you and this nation and this species from yourselves. But you will have none of it.

At the very least, we the People should be squatting in this nation’s capital right now, camping on the lawns, in the forests, in the streets by the millions and refusing to leave until the direction of this country is bent to our will and the criminals purged from the White House and Capitol Hill. God forbid any of you so blessed with even a single life here in this most trying time of this American nation should actually decide to emulate the stellar example of your Forefathers in a timely-enough manner to save the last bastion of freedom on this Earth. Have you not seen the signs? Read the little articles here and there about the “need” for a “new” international currency? Soros will soon collapse the current international currency known as the US dollar to institute a currency of his own making. Where will that leave us all? Hungry, afraid, and still denying an international coup is presently underway? Brushing off the “extreme” notion that the Mind behind the scheme of all things might just be using this time to take full measure of each of our souls? What, pray tell, do you truly have to lose?

I completely understand now why Pontius Pilate washed his hands. There’s only so much any one person of conscience can say to a ravening mob of idiot children who’ve been led to believe there are no limits on their behavior, and no consequences to their actions, or lack thereof.

Perhaps this is my test, the most important lesson of my current life here on Earth–to realize finally and fully the utter futility of devoting a portion of the breath and time and energy of a life to the survival of a nation and a species fated to collapse, even to extinction. But I would be right with God, no matter how many ignorant, self-important schoolchildren wander by my tiny corner of this global playground to stick out their tongues and call me names. As a greater man than me once said, they know not what they do.

No, they truly don’t have even the most marginal clue.

M.L. Bushman

The Biggest Scam of Two Centuries (and counting)

May 26, 2010

This country was founded on a document seventeen pages long.

Did the Founders of the Constitution spend all their time making laws? No. These men had other jobs, other interests that paid their way, or not.

So, where did the current members of Congress and even the president get the idea that lawmaking is a fulltime job worthy of an excess of pay and nearly unlimited perks at the expense of the electorate they purportedly represent? More importantly, when did the members of Congress and the president sell the People on the idea that lawmaking is a fulltime job worthy of excessive pay and nearly unlimited perks?

How many laws can be passed before America, its People and their freedoms, choke and die under the weight of all this legislation?

When did lawmaking transmogrify from temporary public service to fulltime career employment?

Law after legislation after law cannot go on indefinitely for that defeats the purpose of our Constitution, a founding document seventeen pages long.

The biggest scam of the twentieth century bleeding over into the twenty-first is the idea that we the People need fulltime lawmakers. I submit here and now that we don’t need, and can no longer afford, fulltime lawmakers any more than the Founding Fathers felt they needed to be in Washington twenty-four hours a day.

Less would definitely give us all more.

M.L. Bushman

Written Warning of Termination

March 10, 2010

Lest our Senators Baucus and Tester think I don’t care anymore what they do, I decided as one of their employers to give them a written warning of termination. So, I emailed them the same letter, the names changed where necessary, not that I think it will do any good, but again, I didn’t want them to think for one minute I’ve gone back to sleep. So here is the Baucus version–Tester got the same:


I’m going to say this to both you and [Tester] as one of your employers:

Blow off this reconciliation BS or announce your resignation.

A MAJORITY OF YOUR CONSTITUENTS, i.e. YOUR EMPLOYERS, don’t want this health care rammed down our throats, no matter how good you, who reside in your elitist ivory tower, think it is for us. WE THE PEOPLE DON’T WANT ANY LEGISLATION THAT MUST BE BOUGHT BY BRIBES IN ORDER TO BE PASSED. Tell me, isn’t bribery against the law? Why aren’t you bringing Obama up on charges then? Is that because you’re complicit in the crime?

I fully know I’m wasting my breath here, but I thought you’d like to know ONE BIG REASON why YOU’RE GOING TO BE FIRED by the peons you thought to rule when your time comes around.

And spare me the stump speeches and poor, poor pitiful stories, ok?

Man up, grow a pair, or resign. It’s the least you can do for all us little people you so willfully ignore.

No sooner had I clicked on publish (the above), I received the following response from Tester…as you can see, he ignored my request to spare me the stump speech…good thing it’s short…my one thought upon reading his reply is does he really believe his own BS or that of Obama’s? I’ll let you be the judge…He’s proud of his vote to screw us all–remember that in 2012…

Thank you for contacting me about health care reform.  It’s good hearing
from you.

I am proud of my vote for the Senate’s health care reform bill last
December.  The legislation wasn’t perfect, but I stand by my vote for this
bill because I believe it was right for Montana families, small businesses,
family farms and ranches, seniors and veterans.

The Senate health reform bill stops insurance companies from denying
coverage for pre-existing conditions.  It lowers the national deficit by
hundreds of billions of dollars, and it cuts waste and fraud to ensure that
Medicare is around for future generations.

If Congress does nothing to pass health care reform, health care costs will
continue to break Montana families and small businesses.  Medicare will go
bankrupt, and no one will hold health insurance companies accountable.

Here in the U.S. Senate, I will continue to fight for affordable, quality
health care coverage for all Montanans.  The people of this state deserve
nothing less.

I appreciate your perspective on this important issue.  Please don’t
hesitate to contact me again if I can be of further assistance.


Jon Tester
United States Senator

To Cut Pork, A Meat Cleaver

February 14, 2010

Well, to be blunt here, I’ve probably had more jobs in my fifty years on this planet than all my friends combined and one thing I know for a fact: there is no business on Earth that doesn’t have waste to cut. And that includes the US Government.


I can think of a few places to start–all the federal funding that ends up in the hands of nonprofits, funding even GAO admitted as recently as February 2009 they have no way to track. They don’t know where the money goes once it hits the many and diverse pipelines. If you don’t know where every dime of the taxpayers’ money goes, don’t let it go.

$349 million for advertising for the Census. Excuse me, but whoever thought that up must think Americans are all new to the country and don’t know there’s a census every ten years.

If lawmakers are really serious about cutting the deficit, let’s see them take some serious voluntary pay cuts–by half ought to do for starters since they only seem to work half the time the rest of this country’s workers are laboring.

If Nancy Pelosi, et al, wasn’t aware that her job description included relocation to Washington DC, she ought to quit instead of flying to California on the taxpayers’ dime whenever the whim strikes her, and anytime she wants to go home, she could help the economy by flying commercially on her own dime. Doesn’t she make enough money in her present salary?


According to our Royal Obama, there was at least $500 Billion in Medicare waste and fraud that could be cut, so why hasn’t it been cut already?

How about sending one lone efficiency expert to work in the local offices of social security to see just what it is they’re doing or not doing when they make a person wait for four months for a call back.

How about sending efficiency experts, not for exorbitant salaries mind you, but for entry level wages into the offices of every Federal Department to work and observe and report on places to cut waste. I’d be qualified for that job, and I’d be glad to do it. I’m not talking here of hiring an elite company of “efficiency consultants,” I’m talking regular people. Amazing what the workers of the company know about cutting waste if only the “managers” in the ivory tower would swallow their elitist attitudes and drop on by the coffee pot in the break room once in a while not to lecture, but to listen. The really good managers I’ve worked for in my life all know one thing–they aren’t running the company, it’s the people doing the actual work that are “running” the company.


If Michelle Obama wants to set a good example for the rest of us her husband is fond of telling to tighten our already tight belts, she can dispense with her entire personal staff save for an assistant. She’s not a rock star, she’s not a celebrity, she’s the wife of a man in we the People’s employ. Unless she wants to tell us all to “eat cake” she ought to be supporting her husband’s call for belt tightening by giving up a few million dollars worth of personal care. And Obama should be setting a good example as well by foregoing all travel and “date nights” and staying home until the rest of us can afford to eat out once a month.

Now that’s just a handful of ideas to cut waste and spending. I’d love to take a look at the Federal budget, line by line, research by research, and find out if what we the People are paying is necessary or even worth what the Feds want us to think it is. Congress certainly thinks enough of itself to give itself a raise, undeserved and unearned, and that should be our first clue that there’s a hell of a lot of waste to be cut, enough I’d wager to balance our Federal Budget, if not this year, certainly by next year.


Obama never had a pair, but whoever replaces him better have.

M.L. Bushman

A Second American Revolution Would Look Like This

January 21, 2010

While watching Scott Brown upset Martha Coakley and the Democratic machine in Massachusetts the other night, for some reason I got to thinking about Paul Revere and his midnight ride to gather the People to defend themselves against the invading British.

“One if by land and two if by sea
And I on the opposite shore will be
Ready to ride and sound the alarm
To every Middlesex village and farm…”

A modern-day Paul Revere would probably ride the wheels off a pickup, you know, just like the truck our Royal Obama dissed on the Sunday before the Massachusetts special election to a crowd of 1500 Tories in a gymnasium that seats 3000. (Note the loyalist lamestream media failed to mention the gymnasium was only half-full.) Obama asked his supporters what the big deal was with the truck. “Everyone can buy a truck,” he said.

Uh, no, they can’t. 17% unemployment does not put a truck in everyone’s garage. I wish it did. I would have one in mine. Of course, the Royal Obama, being so far removed and out of touch with the peasants he means to rule, didn’t know that. Apparently.

And after Paul Revere, uh, Scott Brown’s famous ride the other night, it appears from subsequent comments made by our wannabe King and his co-rulers Reid and Pelosi that the British–no, wait, the Progressive Democrats–still don’t grasp the import of Brown’s stunning feat. Perhaps they are shell-shocked to discover that once again the Tea floats in Boston Harbor because the People of Massachusetts dared fire the Scott, er, shot heard round the world.

At least our would-be King and his Progressive co-rulers do not appear to be dumb enough to further incite an already-inflamed electorate by ramming their so-called healthcare bill down our throats before the Senator-elect is seated. At least, not yet. And more’s the pity.

From the movie The Patriot:

“Pride’s a weakness,” Benjamin Martin said of General Cornwallis.
“Personally, I would prefer stupidity,” the Frenchman replied. (Me, too, by the way.)
“Pride, pride will do.”

So, was it the pride, hubris, and arrogrance of our Royal Obama and his progressive bootlickers with their secret meetings and overt vote-buying bribes that put Scott Brown in “the People’s seat” as much as the voters of Massachusetts? Methinks so.

If you think about it, a second American Revolution would look exactly like this: Paul Revere behind the wheel of American-made truck sounds the alarm, leads the charge, and the People of Massachusetts win Prince Teddy’s senatorial seat back from the Progressive Democratic political machine in an early battle of the new war for American Independence.

Hey Obama, Reid, Pelosi, et al–can you hear us now?

Lip Service by the President

December 2, 2009

Lip service–that’s what I heard in the President’s speech last night. That, and a signal to the Taliban that the US will tuck tail and run in eighteen months.

This is just like telling the tenants in a low-rent housing project that the police force will be leaving in eighteen months–after eight years of turf warfare.

And sure, we’re going to beef up our police force, but then we’re leaving.

If I were the Taliban gang, I’d be sitting back and toasting our Police Chief for telling us his plans.

What a moronic thing to announce to the world.

Why, it’s as if Obama doesn’t realize that the world is, and always has been, a ghetto. We have our turf, others have theirs, and what you do on your own turf is, and should be, largely your own business. That is, until your gang crosses into our turf to kill our gang, as al Quaeda did on 9/11. Then, we’re perfectly justified in leaving our turf to kick your assets on your own turf.

Instead of dragging this war on for eight years to all but virtually announce that we’re going home, we should’ve kicked major butt and had the job done in less than a year or two. We should’ve brought all our resources to bear and finished it.

You know, if we’d only gone all the way to Bagdad in the first Gulf war and really kicked Sadam’s butt, the bullies of the world would think twice before messing with us. But we didn’t. And now they’re messing with us again, encroaching on our turf, especially with our hood leader being so visibly weak and all. That’s where playing politics in a ghetto gets you. Negotiations with bullies do not work. That’s a simple fact. Reality.

As an American, I was insulted by the lip service Obama paid to “who we are” and paying down the deficit and small business rebuilding our economy and all that other crap his speech writer threw in to try to make him appear to love this country.

Ok, if he’s suddenly in love with America and knows just exactly “who we are”, why is healthcare reform still being debated in the Senate? Why did Cap and Trade pass the House? Why is he running off to Copenhagen to a debunked Climate change summit or to collect a prize he surely hasn’t done one single thing to earn? Why is he holding a “jobs summit” with a bunch of people who have yet to create a single job between them? Hello? The words passing his lips don’t begin to equal his actions, or lack thereof. Why isn’t he saying to Congress–we can’t spend any more money or pass any more legislation until this deficit is under control? Why? Because he doesn’t believe one word of what he said last night. That’s not his puppetmaster’s true agenda.

The man reads the speech his handlers think will appeal to the American People wholly fed up with his lies. And he reads the speech without any emotion, without the emotion the strength of his convictions would provide, if he had any. Then he caps that off, this muslim marxist/socialist puppet in drag, by saying God bless everyone and America. And that, too, was highly insulting, at least to my way of thinking. And feeling.

If he’d shouted Allah Akbhar, I might’ve believed at least one line of that crap last night. The only thing I heard was lip service to the political forces in America. And a promise that we’re going to spend even more American lives and money on a war to which the only end result that Obama dared commit was tucking tail and running like we’re all as weak of mind and spirit, and love for our country, as he.

I’ve got one word for Obama this morning: Traitor.

I wish he’d roll up his road show and go home to Indonesia or Kenya or wherever he wants me to believe he grew up, because he sure didn’t grow up here on my turf–America, land of the free and home of the brave. And God bless us all in our efforts to survive this disaster named Obama. We’re going to need all the help we can get.

At least give US some grease, Congress

June 19, 2009

The Congress (of America’s greatest thieves and liars) is trying to bend every American over without benefit of grease. This time the issue being ramrodded up our asses is healthcare. Although 76 to 79 percent of Americans want a public option for healthcare, that’s now off the table. In its place we get a proposal to fine us all for not buying coverage (a tax on a new tax) and co-ops.

I don’t know about you, but I already belong to a co-op, wholly against my will might I add, an electric co-op that raised its rates last year 22% while promising all members (those not on the board of directors) that our bills would only increase an average of $10.00. Well, my bill doubled–not even close to “just $10.”  And so did every other member’s bill that I spoke to. Yeah, I want a co-op for health insurance, a federally-run co-op. Uh-huh. This same federal government that can’t balance a budget or force Social Security to call you back in less than four months, the same federal government that can’t find 11 million or more illegal aliens, the same Feds who think they can run an auto company better than Russia did, back before it fell.

Why can’t we all join the same healthcare plan to which Congress belongs? Our senators and representatives seem to get rather good care at our expense. Why can’t they share with the rest of us who are footing the bill? Yeah, why can’t Congress lower itself to rub shoulders with the rest of us morons dumb enough to elect them in the first place?

How Congress plans to fund this healthcare is…wait for it…more taxes. That’s right. Higher taxes on alcohol and soft drinks, and a nationwide Value Added Tax of 3 or more percent. So, from an administration who promised no new taxes for 95% of all Americans we get…taxes, and spending, and taxes, and more insane spending, and taxes. Maybe Obama promised no new taxes for 95% of us because he really meant “incredibly higher and new taxes for 100% of all Americans.” Congress sure must think he meant that, but perhaps he simply neglected to tell the electorate to read between his lines.

The least our scheming senators and representatives in Washington could do is send every American taxpayer a tube of KY jelly–maybe even a case of the stuff. We the People ought to get something out of all the trillions of dollars being stolen from us every day by Congress and the president–even if it’s just grease.