The Biggest Scam of Two Centuries (and counting)

May 26, 2010

This country was founded on a document seventeen pages long.

Did the Founders of the Constitution spend all their time making laws? No. These men had other jobs, other interests that paid their way, or not.

So, where did the current members of Congress and even the president get the idea that lawmaking is a fulltime job worthy of an excess of pay and nearly unlimited perks at the expense of the electorate they purportedly represent? More importantly, when did the members of Congress and the president sell the People on the idea that lawmaking is a fulltime job worthy of excessive pay and nearly unlimited perks?

How many laws can be passed before America, its People and their freedoms, choke and die under the weight of all this legislation?

When did lawmaking transmogrify from temporary public service to fulltime career employment?

Law after legislation after law cannot go on indefinitely for that defeats the purpose of our Constitution, a founding document seventeen pages long.

The biggest scam of the twentieth century bleeding over into the twenty-first is the idea that we the People need fulltime lawmakers. I submit here and now that we don’t need, and can no longer afford, fulltime lawmakers any more than the Founding Fathers felt they needed to be in Washington twenty-four hours a day.

Less would definitely give us all more.

M.L. Bushman


America First, Forever and Always

May 7, 2010

Good for Arizona and their governor! If the Feds won’t enforce the immigration laws already on the books, what else can a state do?

We have laws on immigration in this country for one reason–to sort the legal immigrant, respectful of our laws and the opportunity being offered, from those who think breaking our laws is no big deal. Lawbreakers should not be rewarded with citizenship, welfare, amnesty, medical care, or education any more than the pregnant woman jumping the border to have her child here so she and the rest of the child’s extended family can qualify for benefits in America. And nowhere are any of those screaming racism and whatever else in opposition to Arizona’s tough new immigration bill addressing the most important underlying issue of how much money in “fees” and donations–and votes, don’t forget that–Obama, the Democrats and the Feds stand to rake in should they manage to get their “amnesty for illegals” legislation passed before November.

If a person wishing to emigrate from another country cannot follow OUR laws to enter America legally, they shouldn’t expect any preferential treatment AFTER breaking our laws to get here.

The reason Obama and the Dems seek to “regularize” (and what a sorry twisting of the language for political purposes that is) illegal aliens is an attempt to dilute the national spirit of this country as well as provide more money and voters to effect their socialist agenda. Funny thing about America though that most legal immigrants can attest to, I’m sure–our exceptionalism is an infection breeding hope, possibilities, and, above all, a love for liberty, a fire that once burning within the soul no socialist/progressive regime can ever dream of stamping out.

I don’t care how many illegal aliens the Dems and Soros-sponsored organizations like the ACLU parade in the streets to protest–if they can’t be bothered to insist that those who wish to enter this country do so legally, in accordance with our laws–LIKE NEARLY ALL OF OUR ANCESTORS DID VIA ELLIS ISLAND AND THE LIKE–they can lead their herd of illegal protesters back to whatever country they wished to escape and start making life better for them there.

Just think of how much money the states, even the Feds, would save all us taxpayers just by Congress having the cojones to declare our national language to be English and doing away with progressive laws requiring that all signage be posted in six or eight or even one different language.

Nearly every one of our immigrant ancestors managed to get here legally, to learn the language, to assimilate into our culture. I’m sick of celebrating third-world cultures at the expense of our own uniquely American culture. Yes, we’re a diverse lot, but there’s no reason other than the assumed political and financial rewards to accentuate or exalt those differences over and above being an American.

America first, forever and always!

Written Warning of Termination

March 10, 2010

Lest our Senators Baucus and Tester think I don’t care anymore what they do, I decided as one of their employers to give them a written warning of termination. So, I emailed them the same letter, the names changed where necessary, not that I think it will do any good, but again, I didn’t want them to think for one minute I’ve gone back to sleep. So here is the Baucus version–Tester got the same:


I’m going to say this to both you and [Tester] as one of your employers:

Blow off this reconciliation BS or announce your resignation.

A MAJORITY OF YOUR CONSTITUENTS, i.e. YOUR EMPLOYERS, don’t want this health care rammed down our throats, no matter how good you, who reside in your elitist ivory tower, think it is for us. WE THE PEOPLE DON’T WANT ANY LEGISLATION THAT MUST BE BOUGHT BY BRIBES IN ORDER TO BE PASSED. Tell me, isn’t bribery against the law? Why aren’t you bringing Obama up on charges then? Is that because you’re complicit in the crime?

I fully know I’m wasting my breath here, but I thought you’d like to know ONE BIG REASON why YOU’RE GOING TO BE FIRED by the peons you thought to rule when your time comes around.

And spare me the stump speeches and poor, poor pitiful stories, ok?

Man up, grow a pair, or resign. It’s the least you can do for all us little people you so willfully ignore.

No sooner had I clicked on publish (the above), I received the following response from Tester…as you can see, he ignored my request to spare me the stump speech…good thing it’s short…my one thought upon reading his reply is does he really believe his own BS or that of Obama’s? I’ll let you be the judge…He’s proud of his vote to screw us all–remember that in 2012…

Thank you for contacting me about health care reform.  It’s good hearing
from you.

I am proud of my vote for the Senate’s health care reform bill last
December.  The legislation wasn’t perfect, but I stand by my vote for this
bill because I believe it was right for Montana families, small businesses,
family farms and ranches, seniors and veterans.

The Senate health reform bill stops insurance companies from denying
coverage for pre-existing conditions.  It lowers the national deficit by
hundreds of billions of dollars, and it cuts waste and fraud to ensure that
Medicare is around for future generations.

If Congress does nothing to pass health care reform, health care costs will
continue to break Montana families and small businesses.  Medicare will go
bankrupt, and no one will hold health insurance companies accountable.

Here in the U.S. Senate, I will continue to fight for affordable, quality
health care coverage for all Montanans.  The people of this state deserve
nothing less.

I appreciate your perspective on this important issue.  Please don’t
hesitate to contact me again if I can be of further assistance.


Jon Tester
United States Senator

To Cut Pork, A Meat Cleaver

February 14, 2010

Well, to be blunt here, I’ve probably had more jobs in my fifty years on this planet than all my friends combined and one thing I know for a fact: there is no business on Earth that doesn’t have waste to cut. And that includes the US Government.


I can think of a few places to start–all the federal funding that ends up in the hands of nonprofits, funding even GAO admitted as recently as February 2009 they have no way to track. They don’t know where the money goes once it hits the many and diverse pipelines. If you don’t know where every dime of the taxpayers’ money goes, don’t let it go.

$349 million for advertising for the Census. Excuse me, but whoever thought that up must think Americans are all new to the country and don’t know there’s a census every ten years.

If lawmakers are really serious about cutting the deficit, let’s see them take some serious voluntary pay cuts–by half ought to do for starters since they only seem to work half the time the rest of this country’s workers are laboring.

If Nancy Pelosi, et al, wasn’t aware that her job description included relocation to Washington DC, she ought to quit instead of flying to California on the taxpayers’ dime whenever the whim strikes her, and anytime she wants to go home, she could help the economy by flying commercially on her own dime. Doesn’t she make enough money in her present salary?


According to our Royal Obama, there was at least $500 Billion in Medicare waste and fraud that could be cut, so why hasn’t it been cut already?

How about sending one lone efficiency expert to work in the local offices of social security to see just what it is they’re doing or not doing when they make a person wait for four months for a call back.

How about sending efficiency experts, not for exorbitant salaries mind you, but for entry level wages into the offices of every Federal Department to work and observe and report on places to cut waste. I’d be qualified for that job, and I’d be glad to do it. I’m not talking here of hiring an elite company of “efficiency consultants,” I’m talking regular people. Amazing what the workers of the company know about cutting waste if only the “managers” in the ivory tower would swallow their elitist attitudes and drop on by the coffee pot in the break room once in a while not to lecture, but to listen. The really good managers I’ve worked for in my life all know one thing–they aren’t running the company, it’s the people doing the actual work that are “running” the company.


If Michelle Obama wants to set a good example for the rest of us her husband is fond of telling to tighten our already tight belts, she can dispense with her entire personal staff save for an assistant. She’s not a rock star, she’s not a celebrity, she’s the wife of a man in we the People’s employ. Unless she wants to tell us all to “eat cake” she ought to be supporting her husband’s call for belt tightening by giving up a few million dollars worth of personal care. And Obama should be setting a good example as well by foregoing all travel and “date nights” and staying home until the rest of us can afford to eat out once a month.

Now that’s just a handful of ideas to cut waste and spending. I’d love to take a look at the Federal budget, line by line, research by research, and find out if what we the People are paying is necessary or even worth what the Feds want us to think it is. Congress certainly thinks enough of itself to give itself a raise, undeserved and unearned, and that should be our first clue that there’s a hell of a lot of waste to be cut, enough I’d wager to balance our Federal Budget, if not this year, certainly by next year.


Obama never had a pair, but whoever replaces him better have.

M.L. Bushman

A Second American Revolution Would Look Like This

January 21, 2010

While watching Scott Brown upset Martha Coakley and the Democratic machine in Massachusetts the other night, for some reason I got to thinking about Paul Revere and his midnight ride to gather the People to defend themselves against the invading British.

“One if by land and two if by sea
And I on the opposite shore will be
Ready to ride and sound the alarm
To every Middlesex village and farm…”

A modern-day Paul Revere would probably ride the wheels off a pickup, you know, just like the truck our Royal Obama dissed on the Sunday before the Massachusetts special election to a crowd of 1500 Tories in a gymnasium that seats 3000. (Note the loyalist lamestream media failed to mention the gymnasium was only half-full.) Obama asked his supporters what the big deal was with the truck. “Everyone can buy a truck,” he said.

Uh, no, they can’t. 17% unemployment does not put a truck in everyone’s garage. I wish it did. I would have one in mine. Of course, the Royal Obama, being so far removed and out of touch with the peasants he means to rule, didn’t know that. Apparently.

And after Paul Revere, uh, Scott Brown’s famous ride the other night, it appears from subsequent comments made by our wannabe King and his co-rulers Reid and Pelosi that the British–no, wait, the Progressive Democrats–still don’t grasp the import of Brown’s stunning feat. Perhaps they are shell-shocked to discover that once again the Tea floats in Boston Harbor because the People of Massachusetts dared fire the Scott, er, shot heard round the world.

At least our would-be King and his Progressive co-rulers do not appear to be dumb enough to further incite an already-inflamed electorate by ramming their so-called healthcare bill down our throats before the Senator-elect is seated. At least, not yet. And more’s the pity.

From the movie The Patriot:

“Pride’s a weakness,” Benjamin Martin said of General Cornwallis.
“Personally, I would prefer stupidity,” the Frenchman replied. (Me, too, by the way.)
“Pride, pride will do.”

So, was it the pride, hubris, and arrogrance of our Royal Obama and his progressive bootlickers with their secret meetings and overt vote-buying bribes that put Scott Brown in “the People’s seat” as much as the voters of Massachusetts? Methinks so.

If you think about it, a second American Revolution would look exactly like this: Paul Revere behind the wheel of American-made truck sounds the alarm, leads the charge, and the People of Massachusetts win Prince Teddy’s senatorial seat back from the Progressive Democratic political machine in an early battle of the new war for American Independence.

Hey Obama, Reid, Pelosi, et al–can you hear us now?

Of Credit Cards and Big Bad Wolves

December 11, 2009

Act One: Enter the Wolf

Once upon a time, a dizzy blonde forgot her payment to the big bad wolf known as Bank of America (BOA). In her defense, it was the silly season between Thanksgiving and Christmas and she simply forgot to make the payment. On December 7th, 2007 a day that will certainly live in infamy, she realized she’d forgotten the payment, which was now 7 days late. So, being an individual more than willing to take responsibility for her mistake, she paid over double the minimum payment plus the late fees, and since she’d never been late on a payment before, thought that was the end of it.

But the big bad BOA wolf was having its own problems at the time with losses in the sub-prime mortgage market, like other wolves such as Washington Mutual (WAMU), and since our blonde had made this “error,” the BOA wolf decided that she, and thousands of others, should help the big bad wolf cover its losses. The blonde received notice with her next statement that the interest on her balance was being raised-to 31.74 percent-but if she paid on time like a good little blonde for six months, the big bad BOA wolf would “review” her account.

When she called the BOA wolf’s customer service line, the blonde discovered that “review” didn’t mean the interest rate was going down after six months. Oh, no. It just meant “review” as in “we’ll continue to shaft you as long as we want and you can’t do a damn thing about it.” Well, the blonde decided to fight back in a totally remarkable way. She refused to pay. She called customer service a second time to let them know that she wasn’t going to pay what amounted to usurous rates and that she didn’t care about her so-called credit rating, a cattle prod if ever there was one, created by lenders to herd frightened sheep into the slaughter pens of big bad wolves all over the country and the world.

The blonde did her research and spoke to a friend who’s worked in the banking industry for over twenty years to find out what, if anything, the big bad BOA wolf could do to her for refusing to pay. The BOA wolf could garnish the blonde’s wages, but the banking industry expert had never heard of any wolf doing that because it’s just too darn expensive for the wolves, having to get a lawyer in the blonde’s home state, etc. The big bad wolf also could, in theory, serve a writ on the blonde’s bank and clean out her bank account, but the banking industry expert hadn’t ever heard of that being done either, again, because it’s too cost prohibitive for the wolves. Outside of ruining the blonde’s credit rating, there was little else, if anything, the big bad BOA wolf could do.

So, our courageous blonde did not pay. And the sky did not fall. But, this isn’t the end of the story by any means.

Act Two: A Classic Bait and Switch.

After ignoring repeated calls from the BOA wolf’s collectors, and thanking God for caller ID every time, our blonde had a fit of conscience. Never one to stiff anyone she owes, even a big bad wolf–unlike all the big bad wolves who had no qualms about gorging themselves on fresh cash at the taxpayers’ bailout trough–the blonde decided to work out a deal with the BOA wolf. The BOA wolf agreed to settle for half of what was owed, to be paid off in thirty dollar installments over the course of 60 months. Fine and dandy. The BOA wolf cashes the first payment. Two weeks later, a representative for the BOA wolf calls and says thirty isn’t enough.

“Federal law won’t let us accept less than eighty dollars a month,” Eric, the BOA rep, said.

“Cite me the statute,” the disbelieving blonde replied.

Eric didn’t know what the specific statute was, so the blonde asked to be transferred to someone who does. He refused to transfer the blonde, even to his supervisor, for at least five minutes of bickering and gnashing of teeth, until finally he relented. Eric’s supervisor offered to take fifty a month instead of the eighty (and whatever happened to the “federal statute” requiring eighty? Eric’s supervisor dodged that question.) The blonde refused to pay more than thirty because, to her way of thinking, she and the BOA wolf had made a deal and the wolf should honor his end. The BOA supervisor refused to take thirty. The blonde now keeps that money in her pocket. And still the sky did not fall.

The blonde had a similar run-in last year with HSBC, where they were going raise her interest rate to the high 20s, which she also refused to pay and let them know it on at least three different phone calls. HSBC then perpetrated their version of the bait and switch, promising the blonde 9% interest on her remaining debt, if only she would pay X amount by a certain date, and then make timely payments until the debt was satisfied. She met this wolf’s requirement, but then the HSBC rep said they couldn’t honor that deal either. And so the blonde kept her money in her pocket while HSBC, BOA, WAMU, CITI Bank, and other wolves lined up at the taxpayers’ trough to feed on the fresh meat supplied by our own Congress and President.

New credit card regulations are due to take effect in February 2010. However, these “new” regulations are to be interpreted and put into practice by the leader of the wolf pack, the Federal Reserve. There is nothing to prevent the wolf pack leader from interpreting the provisions this “new” law to the wolves’ own advantage, or “re-interpreting” the provisions at any time in the future, perhaps when the economic mess these greedy wolves got us all into has abated some, or maybe when the fresh meat in the bailout trough is thoroughly exhausted.

Distrustful of all banks now, with good reason as illustrated above, the blonde feels at this point in time that she’d rather owe the wolves than beat them out of it. And since the economy has taken a nosedive and the blonde has her own little cub to raise and a mortgage on their small den to satisfy, those wolves will just have to wait their turn, if it ever comes.

To the blonde’s way of thinking, the wolves, with the not-so-hidden support of our Congress and President, will continue to feed as long as consumers everywhere fear to fight back in the only language these wolves understand–money.

M.L. Bushman

Ronald Reagan on Socialized Medicine

December 6, 2009

No truer words spoken, or warning given, then as now.

Write your senators and representatives, even if you think it will do no good. At least once we shown them all the door, they cannot claim they never heard from us.

Lip Service by the President

December 2, 2009

Lip service–that’s what I heard in the President’s speech last night. That, and a signal to the Taliban that the US will tuck tail and run in eighteen months.

This is just like telling the tenants in a low-rent housing project that the police force will be leaving in eighteen months–after eight years of turf warfare.

And sure, we’re going to beef up our police force, but then we’re leaving.

If I were the Taliban gang, I’d be sitting back and toasting our Police Chief for telling us his plans.

What a moronic thing to announce to the world.

Why, it’s as if Obama doesn’t realize that the world is, and always has been, a ghetto. We have our turf, others have theirs, and what you do on your own turf is, and should be, largely your own business. That is, until your gang crosses into our turf to kill our gang, as al Quaeda did on 9/11. Then, we’re perfectly justified in leaving our turf to kick your assets on your own turf.

Instead of dragging this war on for eight years to all but virtually announce that we’re going home, we should’ve kicked major butt and had the job done in less than a year or two. We should’ve brought all our resources to bear and finished it.

You know, if we’d only gone all the way to Bagdad in the first Gulf war and really kicked Sadam’s butt, the bullies of the world would think twice before messing with us. But we didn’t. And now they’re messing with us again, encroaching on our turf, especially with our hood leader being so visibly weak and all. That’s where playing politics in a ghetto gets you. Negotiations with bullies do not work. That’s a simple fact. Reality.

As an American, I was insulted by the lip service Obama paid to “who we are” and paying down the deficit and small business rebuilding our economy and all that other crap his speech writer threw in to try to make him appear to love this country.

Ok, if he’s suddenly in love with America and knows just exactly “who we are”, why is healthcare reform still being debated in the Senate? Why did Cap and Trade pass the House? Why is he running off to Copenhagen to a debunked Climate change summit or to collect a prize he surely hasn’t done one single thing to earn? Why is he holding a “jobs summit” with a bunch of people who have yet to create a single job between them? Hello? The words passing his lips don’t begin to equal his actions, or lack thereof. Why isn’t he saying to Congress–we can’t spend any more money or pass any more legislation until this deficit is under control? Why? Because he doesn’t believe one word of what he said last night. That’s not his puppetmaster’s true agenda.

The man reads the speech his handlers think will appeal to the American People wholly fed up with his lies. And he reads the speech without any emotion, without the emotion the strength of his convictions would provide, if he had any. Then he caps that off, this muslim marxist/socialist puppet in drag, by saying God bless everyone and America. And that, too, was highly insulting, at least to my way of thinking. And feeling.

If he’d shouted Allah Akbhar, I might’ve believed at least one line of that crap last night. The only thing I heard was lip service to the political forces in America. And a promise that we’re going to spend even more American lives and money on a war to which the only end result that Obama dared commit was tucking tail and running like we’re all as weak of mind and spirit, and love for our country, as he.

I’ve got one word for Obama this morning: Traitor.

I wish he’d roll up his road show and go home to Indonesia or Kenya or wherever he wants me to believe he grew up, because he sure didn’t grow up here on my turf–America, land of the free and home of the brave. And God bless us all in our efforts to survive this disaster named Obama. We’re going to need all the help we can get.

A Thanksgiving Prayer

November 26, 2009

Lord God of all the Living Universe, God of Whom there is no image,

–Thank you for the Constitution of these United States, for once we knew we should be free.

–Thank you for the men and women of the Armed Forces who offer their lives in defense of America–no greater sacrifice is found.

–Thank you for our children, our future. May we not disappoint them–or you.

–Thank you for good friends and sworn enemies. Both teach us more about love and hate, trust and dishonesty, than we ever learn in church or school.

–Thank you for the athiests who daily prove your existence, lest their clamoring voices be raised against nothing but thin air.

–Thank you for what’s right in our world, and what’s wrong, that we may better know the difference, that we may all find the purpose–large or small–to our lives.

–Thank you.

M.L. Bushman

When Media Hitches its Wagon to a Failing Star

October 26, 2009

Here’s what happens when liberal media hitches its wagon to a falling political star: According to Reuters, the circulation of the major newspapers has continued its steep decline.

Karma, if you ask me.

You forgo your journalistic integrity and ethics to make the news instead of reporting it. You fail to properly vet the candidate that winds up president and now that he, in his own words, is being judged not only by his inactions, but also by the people he surrounds himself with, you reap what you’ve sown.

The media, both print and television, with the exception of one news channel, abandons its mandate as the watchdogs of the People only to discover that fewer and fewer Americans want to pay to read liberal propaganda from “approved White House sources.”

Obama has shown his true colors. And Media, by and large with some notable exceptions such as FOX News and the Wall Street Journal, have demonstrated their extreme bias toward their country–its people and ideals–as well as the truth and real journalism. They have fallen at their would-be Fuhrer’s feet, licked the shit from his boots, only to have the American People vote with their wallets and condemn the drivel that passes for news from these easily-led sycophants.

I suppose the New York Times, MSNBC, ABC News and others will be standing in line for a bailout for their years of dedicated service as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

Perhaps they should return to the ethics of an Edward R. Murrow or Walter Cronkite, but it may be too late for many of them. Unless, of course, they get the bailouts they so willingly sold their integrity and honor and professional ethics like cheap whores to ensure.

Karma, yes, indeed. The numbers don’t lie. Hitching your wagon to a failing star like Obama is the end of light and life and cultural  elitism as you’ve known it. And you only have yourselves to blame.