A Solution for America

I have a solution for America–withdraw. At least for a time. Withdraw from the world completely. Yes, it will make for some incredibly hard times here for a while, but no worse than what the Soros/globalists/New World Order puppets of both parties in Congress and the White House have planned for us.

No more foreign oil. No more imports from China or elsewhere. Recall all our troops. Kick out the UN and send them not another penny. No more foreign aid or food sent anywhere. Close all of our military bases outside of our borders. With all that extra manpower, we can close our borders. Export all illegal aliens and anchor babies. Our new national motto: if we don’t make it here, we don’t need it.

It’ll take less than six months of shared sacrifice on our parts before the world begs. Beats decades of servitude to puppet politicians in Washington fronting for global tyrants bent on bleeding us dry of our resources (ask yourselves why Russia, China and Brazil can drill for oil in the Gulf, but we can’t). Like stripping a band aid. You want it quick or hair by hair?

I’m through being nice, generous, charitable, whatever, with the world. Time to take care of our own for a while and let them solve their own problems for a change.

M.L. Bushman


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2 Responses to “A Solution for America”

  1. blogsensebybarb Says:

    I have thought the same thing … go back to Isolationism, at least for a time till we get our own house back in order … IF we can!

  2. M.L. Bushman Says:


    I think that without all the foreign influence, we could get our house back in order in no time. And that’s one thing Isolationism would do–remove foreign influence.

    I also think we should get rid of the Fed while we’re at it.

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