America First, Forever and Always

Good for Arizona and their governor! If the Feds won’t enforce the immigration laws already on the books, what else can a state do?

We have laws on immigration in this country for one reason–to sort the legal immigrant, respectful of our laws and the opportunity being offered, from those who think breaking our laws is no big deal. Lawbreakers should not be rewarded with citizenship, welfare, amnesty, medical care, or education any more than the pregnant woman jumping the border to have her child here so she and the rest of the child’s extended family can qualify for benefits in America. And nowhere are any of those screaming racism and whatever else in opposition to Arizona’s tough new immigration bill addressing the most important underlying issue of how much money in “fees” and donations–and votes, don’t forget that–Obama, the Democrats and the Feds stand to rake in should they manage to get their “amnesty for illegals” legislation passed before November.

If a person wishing to emigrate from another country cannot follow OUR laws to enter America legally, they shouldn’t expect any preferential treatment AFTER breaking our laws to get here.

The reason Obama and the Dems seek to “regularize” (and what a sorry twisting of the language for political purposes that is) illegal aliens is an attempt to dilute the national spirit of this country as well as provide more money and voters to effect their socialist agenda. Funny thing about America though that most legal immigrants can attest to, I’m sure–our exceptionalism is an infection breeding hope, possibilities, and, above all, a love for liberty, a fire that once burning within the soul no socialist/progressive regime can ever dream of stamping out.

I don’t care how many illegal aliens the Dems and Soros-sponsored organizations like the ACLU parade in the streets to protest–if they can’t be bothered to insist that those who wish to enter this country do so legally, in accordance with our laws–LIKE NEARLY ALL OF OUR ANCESTORS DID VIA ELLIS ISLAND AND THE LIKE–they can lead their herd of illegal protesters back to whatever country they wished to escape and start making life better for them there.

Just think of how much money the states, even the Feds, would save all us taxpayers just by Congress having the cojones to declare our national language to be English and doing away with progressive laws requiring that all signage be posted in six or eight or even one different language.

Nearly every one of our immigrant ancestors managed to get here legally, to learn the language, to assimilate into our culture. I’m sick of celebrating third-world cultures at the expense of our own uniquely American culture. Yes, we’re a diverse lot, but there’s no reason other than the assumed political and financial rewards to accentuate or exalt those differences over and above being an American.

America first, forever and always!

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