Written Warning of Termination

Lest our Senators Baucus and Tester think I don’t care anymore what they do, I decided as one of their employers to give them a written warning of termination. So, I emailed them the same letter, the names changed where necessary, not that I think it will do any good, but again, I didn’t want them to think for one minute I’ve gone back to sleep. So here is the Baucus version–Tester got the same:


I’m going to say this to both you and [Tester] as one of your employers:

Blow off this reconciliation BS or announce your resignation.

A MAJORITY OF YOUR CONSTITUENTS, i.e. YOUR EMPLOYERS, don’t want this health care rammed down our throats, no matter how good you, who reside in your elitist ivory tower, think it is for us. WE THE PEOPLE DON’T WANT ANY LEGISLATION THAT MUST BE BOUGHT BY BRIBES IN ORDER TO BE PASSED. Tell me, isn’t bribery against the law? Why aren’t you bringing Obama up on charges then? Is that because you’re complicit in the crime?

I fully know I’m wasting my breath here, but I thought you’d like to know ONE BIG REASON why YOU’RE GOING TO BE FIRED by the peons you thought to rule when your time comes around.

And spare me the stump speeches and poor, poor pitiful stories, ok?

Man up, grow a pair, or resign. It’s the least you can do for all us little people you so willfully ignore.

No sooner had I clicked on publish (the above), I received the following response from Tester…as you can see, he ignored my request to spare me the stump speech…good thing it’s short…my one thought upon reading his reply is does he really believe his own BS or that of Obama’s? I’ll let you be the judge…He’s proud of his vote to screw us all–remember that in 2012…

Thank you for contacting me about health care reform.  It’s good hearing
from you.

I am proud of my vote for the Senate’s health care reform bill last
December.  The legislation wasn’t perfect, but I stand by my vote for this
bill because I believe it was right for Montana families, small businesses,
family farms and ranches, seniors and veterans.

The Senate health reform bill stops insurance companies from denying
coverage for pre-existing conditions.  It lowers the national deficit by
hundreds of billions of dollars, and it cuts waste and fraud to ensure that
Medicare is around for future generations.

If Congress does nothing to pass health care reform, health care costs will
continue to break Montana families and small businesses.  Medicare will go
bankrupt, and no one will hold health insurance companies accountable.

Here in the U.S. Senate, I will continue to fight for affordable, quality
health care coverage for all Montanans.  The people of this state deserve
nothing less.

I appreciate your perspective on this important issue.  Please don’t
hesitate to contact me again if I can be of further assistance.


Jon Tester
United States Senator


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