To Cut Pork, A Meat Cleaver

Well, to be blunt here, I’ve probably had more jobs in my fifty years on this planet than all my friends combined and one thing I know for a fact: there is no business on Earth that doesn’t have waste to cut. And that includes the US Government.


I can think of a few places to start–all the federal funding that ends up in the hands of nonprofits, funding even GAO admitted as recently as February 2009 they have no way to track. They don’t know where the money goes once it hits the many and diverse pipelines. If you don’t know where every dime of the taxpayers’ money goes, don’t let it go.

$349 million for advertising for the Census. Excuse me, but whoever thought that up must think Americans are all new to the country and don’t know there’s a census every ten years.

If lawmakers are really serious about cutting the deficit, let’s see them take some serious voluntary pay cuts–by half ought to do for starters since they only seem to work half the time the rest of this country’s workers are laboring.

If Nancy Pelosi, et al, wasn’t aware that her job description included relocation to Washington DC, she ought to quit instead of flying to California on the taxpayers’ dime whenever the whim strikes her, and anytime she wants to go home, she could help the economy by flying commercially on her own dime. Doesn’t she make enough money in her present salary?


According to our Royal Obama, there was at least $500 Billion in Medicare waste and fraud that could be cut, so why hasn’t it been cut already?

How about sending one lone efficiency expert to work in the local offices of social security to see just what it is they’re doing or not doing when they make a person wait for four months for a call back.

How about sending efficiency experts, not for exorbitant salaries mind you, but for entry level wages into the offices of every Federal Department to work and observe and report on places to cut waste. I’d be qualified for that job, and I’d be glad to do it. I’m not talking here of hiring an elite company of “efficiency consultants,” I’m talking regular people. Amazing what the workers of the company know about cutting waste if only the “managers” in the ivory tower would swallow their elitist attitudes and drop on by the coffee pot in the break room once in a while not to lecture, but to listen. The really good managers I’ve worked for in my life all know one thing–they aren’t running the company, it’s the people doing the actual work that are “running” the company.


If Michelle Obama wants to set a good example for the rest of us her husband is fond of telling to tighten our already tight belts, she can dispense with her entire personal staff save for an assistant. She’s not a rock star, she’s not a celebrity, she’s the wife of a man in we the People’s employ. Unless she wants to tell us all to “eat cake” she ought to be supporting her husband’s call for belt tightening by giving up a few million dollars worth of personal care. And Obama should be setting a good example as well by foregoing all travel and “date nights” and staying home until the rest of us can afford to eat out once a month.

Now that’s just a handful of ideas to cut waste and spending. I’d love to take a look at the Federal budget, line by line, research by research, and find out if what we the People are paying is necessary or even worth what the Feds want us to think it is. Congress certainly thinks enough of itself to give itself a raise, undeserved and unearned, and that should be our first clue that there’s a hell of a lot of waste to be cut, enough I’d wager to balance our Federal Budget, if not this year, certainly by next year.


Obama never had a pair, but whoever replaces him better have.

M.L. Bushman


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