A Second American Revolution Would Look Like This

While watching Scott Brown upset Martha Coakley and the Democratic machine in Massachusetts the other night, for some reason I got to thinking about Paul Revere and his midnight ride to gather the People to defend themselves against the invading British.

“One if by land and two if by sea
And I on the opposite shore will be
Ready to ride and sound the alarm
To every Middlesex village and farm…”

A modern-day Paul Revere would probably ride the wheels off a pickup, you know, just like the truck our Royal Obama dissed on the Sunday before the Massachusetts special election to a crowd of 1500 Tories in a gymnasium that seats 3000. (Note the loyalist lamestream media failed to mention the gymnasium was only half-full.) Obama asked his supporters what the big deal was with the truck. “Everyone can buy a truck,” he said.

Uh, no, they can’t. 17% unemployment does not put a truck in everyone’s garage. I wish it did. I would have one in mine. Of course, the Royal Obama, being so far removed and out of touch with the peasants he means to rule, didn’t know that. Apparently.

And after Paul Revere, uh, Scott Brown’s famous ride the other night, it appears from subsequent comments made by our wannabe King and his co-rulers Reid and Pelosi that the British–no, wait, the Progressive Democrats–still don’t grasp the import of Brown’s stunning feat. Perhaps they are shell-shocked to discover that once again the Tea floats in Boston Harbor because the People of Massachusetts dared fire the Scott, er, shot heard round the world.

At least our would-be King and his Progressive co-rulers do not appear to be dumb enough to further incite an already-inflamed electorate by ramming their so-called healthcare bill down our throats before the Senator-elect is seated. At least, not yet. And more’s the pity.

From the movie The Patriot:

“Pride’s a weakness,” Benjamin Martin said of General Cornwallis.
“Personally, I would prefer stupidity,” the Frenchman replied. (Me, too, by the way.)
“Pride, pride will do.”

So, was it the pride, hubris, and arrogrance of our Royal Obama and his progressive bootlickers with their secret meetings and overt vote-buying bribes that put Scott Brown in “the People’s seat” as much as the voters of Massachusetts? Methinks so.

If you think about it, a second American Revolution would look exactly like this: Paul Revere behind the wheel of American-made truck sounds the alarm, leads the charge, and the People of Massachusetts win Prince Teddy’s senatorial seat back from the Progressive Democratic political machine in an early battle of the new war for American Independence.

Hey Obama, Reid, Pelosi, et al–can you hear us now?

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2 Responses to “A Second American Revolution Would Look Like This”

  1. kip152 Says:

    “Everyone can buy a truck.” was a stupid thing to say. How out of touch are these guys?

  2. writeratlarge Says:

    So far out of touch as to think we’re all just fine out here because they think they’re in charge.

    Obama, Reid, Pelosi, et al, have forgotten who serves whom.

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