Lip Service by the President

Lip service–that’s what I heard in the President’s speech last night. That, and a signal to the Taliban that the US will tuck tail and run in eighteen months.

This is just like telling the tenants in a low-rent housing project that the police force will be leaving in eighteen months–after eight years of turf warfare.

And sure, we’re going to beef up our police force, but then we’re leaving.

If I were the Taliban gang, I’d be sitting back and toasting our Police Chief for telling us his plans.

What a moronic thing to announce to the world.

Why, it’s as if Obama doesn’t realize that the world is, and always has been, a ghetto. We have our turf, others have theirs, and what you do on your own turf is, and should be, largely your own business. That is, until your gang crosses into our turf to kill our gang, as al Quaeda did on 9/11. Then, we’re perfectly justified in leaving our turf to kick your assets on your own turf.

Instead of dragging this war on for eight years to all but virtually announce that we’re going home, we should’ve kicked major butt and had the job done in less than a year or two. We should’ve brought all our resources to bear and finished it.

You know, if we’d only gone all the way to Bagdad in the first Gulf war and really kicked Sadam’s butt, the bullies of the world would think twice before messing with us. But we didn’t. And now they’re messing with us again, encroaching on our turf, especially with our hood leader being so visibly weak and all. That’s where playing politics in a ghetto gets you. Negotiations with bullies do not work. That’s a simple fact. Reality.

As an American, I was insulted by the lip service Obama paid to “who we are” and paying down the deficit and small business rebuilding our economy and all that other crap his speech writer threw in to try to make him appear to love this country.

Ok, if he’s suddenly in love with America and knows just exactly “who we are”, why is healthcare reform still being debated in the Senate? Why did Cap and Trade pass the House? Why is he running off to Copenhagen to a debunked Climate change summit or to collect a prize he surely hasn’t done one single thing to earn? Why is he holding a “jobs summit” with a bunch of people who have yet to create a single job between them? Hello? The words passing his lips don’t begin to equal his actions, or lack thereof. Why isn’t he saying to Congress–we can’t spend any more money or pass any more legislation until this deficit is under control? Why? Because he doesn’t believe one word of what he said last night. That’s not his puppetmaster’s true agenda.

The man reads the speech his handlers think will appeal to the American People wholly fed up with his lies. And he reads the speech without any emotion, without the emotion the strength of his convictions would provide, if he had any. Then he caps that off, this muslim marxist/socialist puppet in drag, by saying God bless everyone and America. And that, too, was highly insulting, at least to my way of thinking. And feeling.

If he’d shouted Allah Akbhar, I might’ve believed at least one line of that crap last night. The only thing I heard was lip service to the political forces in America. And a promise that we’re going to spend even more American lives and money on a war to which the only end result that Obama dared commit was tucking tail and running like we’re all as weak of mind and spirit, and love for our country, as he.

I’ve got one word for Obama this morning: Traitor.

I wish he’d roll up his road show and go home to Indonesia or Kenya or wherever he wants me to believe he grew up, because he sure didn’t grow up here on my turf–America, land of the free and home of the brave. And God bless us all in our efforts to survive this disaster named Obama. We’re going to need all the help we can get.


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