A Thanksgiving Prayer

Lord God of all the Living Universe, God of Whom there is no image,

–Thank you for the Constitution of these United States, for once we knew we should be free.

–Thank you for the men and women of the Armed Forces who offer their lives in defense of America–no greater sacrifice is found.

–Thank you for our children, our future. May we not disappoint them–or you.

–Thank you for good friends and sworn enemies. Both teach us more about love and hate, trust and dishonesty, than we ever learn in church or school.

–Thank you for the athiests who daily prove your existence, lest their clamoring voices be raised against nothing but thin air.

–Thank you for what’s right in our world, and what’s wrong, that we may better know the difference, that we may all find the purpose–large or small–to our lives.

–Thank you.

M.L. Bushman


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