Not Another Freaking Poll

Any time the mainstream media wants to help the Federal Government sell the American People another bottle of snake oil (read: higher taxes for an even larger government we can’t afford)–and this time the issue is “healthcare reform”–they whip out a poll.

The CBS News/New York Times poll, according to Reuters, (no liberal bias anywhere there, I’m sure) says 85% of all Americans want major health care reforms and “most would be willing to pay higher taxes to ensure everyone had health insurance.” So what percentage is most (surely they know the exact number, don’t they? Why not report that, too? Unless the number doesn’t help their sales efforts). What’s really disturbing, and another sign this poll is pure government propaganda, is that they base the results of the poll on speaking to exactly 895 people. They don’t say who these 895 people are, where they come from or their backgrounds; they don’t explain at length how 895 liberals (my assumption) are qualified to speak for 300 million Americans; they don’t give anyone the slightest idea of what criterion were used in selecting these 895 people to represent the views of all America; nor do they give any examples of what kind of questions were asked and in what manner. Were these trick questions, designed to elicit a yes when a no would have been more appropriate? We’ve all seen local ballot initiatives written like that to fool some of the people some of the time. But only CBS News and the New York Times know for sure. And we’re all just supposed to take their word for it that this poll is unbiased and accurate. Right. I’ve got a bridge for sale, if you’re that easy…

Have you ever been called to participate in a CBS News/New York Times poll? Neither have I. Personally, I think few, if  anyone, still working for CBS News or the New York Times realizes there’s life outside the Big worm-infested Apple and the Washington District of Crime, nor do they appear to comprehend for a New York minute that a growing majority of Americans are fed up with the more-taxes-bigger-government crowd. Case in point: the open letter to our government’s so-called leaders that Glenn Beck received from an Arizona grandmother. She’s got a yard of guts, this grandma, and she speaks for me and over a hundred thousand others (and counting) in demanding the Federal Government–Congress and the president–stop the spending and butt out of our lives, at least according to the petition based on her letter that had been signed by 116,767 Americans as of this morning.

So, again, I ask: do the opinions of 895 people about whom we know absolutely nothing, nor what kind of questions were asked and in what manner, mean just as much or more than the opinions of 116,767  Americans (and counting) who took time out of their busy lives to sign a petition of their own free will based on the open letter from an Arizona grandmother?

I am forced to assume from “impartial” data I’ve collected over the past decade that CBS News and the New York Times thinks we’re all morons out here in America.  One can further assume, again from my “carefully compiled” data, that most of the 895 people they selected to speak on behalf of all America had two things in common: one, they still watch CBS News for the “unbiased” reporting; and two, they’re still dumb enough to pay for a subscription to the New York Times.  I polled three people–me, myself and I–and that’s the conclusion we’ve reached, with an error rate of zero percent.

To my way of thinking, CBS News, the New York Times, and the Federal government should peddle their Federal snake oil  propaganda somewhere else–say, Russia or China or the US Congress. But just like the Arizona grandmother warns in her letter, continually ignoring the will of the American People will have severe consequences. Yes, we the People are coming, we’re coming for you all. 116,767 strong and counting…


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