At least give US some grease, Congress

The Congress (of America’s greatest thieves and liars) is trying to bend every American over without benefit of grease. This time the issue being ramrodded up our asses is healthcare. Although 76 to 79 percent of Americans want a public option for healthcare, that’s now off the table. In its place we get a proposal to fine us all for not buying coverage (a tax on a new tax) and co-ops.

I don’t know about you, but I already belong to a co-op, wholly against my will might I add, an electric co-op that raised its rates last year 22% while promising all members (those not on the board of directors) that our bills would only increase an average of $10.00. Well, my bill doubled–not even close to “just $10.”  And so did every other member’s bill that I spoke to. Yeah, I want a co-op for health insurance, a federally-run co-op. Uh-huh. This same federal government that can’t balance a budget or force Social Security to call you back in less than four months, the same federal government that can’t find 11 million or more illegal aliens, the same Feds who think they can run an auto company better than Russia did, back before it fell.

Why can’t we all join the same healthcare plan to which Congress belongs? Our senators and representatives seem to get rather good care at our expense. Why can’t they share with the rest of us who are footing the bill? Yeah, why can’t Congress lower itself to rub shoulders with the rest of us morons dumb enough to elect them in the first place?

How Congress plans to fund this healthcare is…wait for it…more taxes. That’s right. Higher taxes on alcohol and soft drinks, and a nationwide Value Added Tax of 3 or more percent. So, from an administration who promised no new taxes for 95% of all Americans we get…taxes, and spending, and taxes, and more insane spending, and taxes. Maybe Obama promised no new taxes for 95% of us because he really meant “incredibly higher and new taxes for 100% of all Americans.” Congress sure must think he meant that, but perhaps he simply neglected to tell the electorate to read between his lines.

The least our scheming senators and representatives in Washington could do is send every American taxpayer a tube of KY jelly–maybe even a case of the stuff. We the People ought to get something out of all the trillions of dollars being stolen from us every day by Congress and the president–even if it’s just grease.


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