3.6 Trillion minus 100 Million Equals What?

According to the Washington Post and others, Obama will convene his cabinet for the first time with the sole purpose of finding $100 million in budget cuts.

This would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic.

3.6 trillion minus 100 million = the most minimal policy of appeasement.

The Post article says this move signals the President’s determination to cut the deficit. And when will that be? Sometime after he’s out of office maybe? During my ten-year-old daughter’s lifetime perhaps? Or maybe when China forecloses on our land for the debt we owe right this very minute, some 12 trillion and counting. Or will the deficit be cut only after every American who doesn’t agree that Congress and the President are entitled to spend our future and that of our children and their children is branded some kind of extremist for actually giving a damn about their country?

I think it’s nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction by all of Washington to the tea parties and their turnout. Gee, free people of all political ideologies, or none at all, exercising their constitutional rights to assemble and protest bigger government, wasteful spending and further erosion of the Constitution must really threaten Congress, the President and the real powers that stand behind our would-be slavemasters’ thrones–powers such as that unconstitutional private corporation known as the Federal Reserve, who answers to no one and has already loaned 2 trillion of our tax money to unidentified recipients. Not even some members of Congress, again trying to simply appease us all, can get an answer as to where that 2 trillion went. We just have to take Ben Bernanke’s word that we’ll get it back.

And We the People aren’t supposed to be a trifle upset by any of it. We’re supposed to snooze right in slavery without so much as a snort of disapproval.


Obviously, Congress and the President think We the People can be lulled back to sleep by such blatant political games.  Or maybe they are dumb enough to believe we’re all just that stupid.Yeah, I bet the British King thought all those angry colonists in America were just morons without a clue, too.

And what’s even sillier is  our modern tyrants in Washington laboring under the belief that directing the national media to publish stories on what Congress and the President’s advisors consider to be emotional issues will keep us fighting amongst ourselves indefinitely, like it has in the past. This particular game is also known as stirring up a smoke screen to hide other, more egregious assaults on our civil rights such as House Bill HR 45.

For those Americans just waking up or still depending on the national media for all their news, HR 45 would make owning a firearm not registered with the Feds a felony. This is an outright attempt to abridge your second amendment rights while further eroding the Constitution of these United States. Not only that, but here in Montana, this bill would attempt to usurp the Constitution of the Sovereign State of Montana, which says that no resident shall be required to register any firearm. And how far behind can an annual tax on owning a firearm be? This is just the latest endaround on our individual civil rights Congress and the President thinks they can pull on us all–obviously, they don’t feel an outright ban on firearms will fly, and most assuredly it won’t, so they’ll simply tax our second amendment right to keep and bear arms out of existence.

So, where’s the stories on this bill, this HR 45, this would-be major step in eroding the Second Amendment? Nowhere, because the Congress and the President along with their bedfellows in the national media don’t want you to know. They’d rather disarm us all, one of the first things the Tyrant 101 manual says they should do. Hell, it worked for Hitler, didn’t it? And how’d that turn out anyway? Who was it that turned the tide of Fascism in Europe? America. And yet, once America is successfully subjugated, who will be left to defend freedom? Gee, like the Federal Reserve and their buddies in banking systems all over the world wouldn’t want everything on the planet under their tight control, and no questions asked–but you sure don’t see any stories in our national media on the dangers of the New World Order, do you? Hmmmm…wonder why that is?


You don’t think the elitists in national media living their cushy lives want to survive, even at the expense of liberty, truth, and justice for all?


I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of being treated like a serf by a government that’s supposed to be working for We the People and America’s best interests, and not the other way around.

We didn’t become the great nation we are by letting anyone or anything “appease” us into regulated serfdom.

3.6 trillion minus 100 million = more tea parties. We the People must exercise our right to peaceably assemble and protest, to effect meaningful and long-lasting change–a return to our Constitution–without bloodshed, before that right, too, is stripped away from extremists like us, we patriots all.

Only We the People can change the direction of this country and ensure the liberty of our generations, and the continuing and future greatness of America.

See you at the next Tea Party!

Let’s roll, People.


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