Senators, Congressmen, Lend me Your…

This is an open letter to Senator Jon Tester, D-Montana, in case he misses the personal reply to the stump-speech email he sent in response to an email I sent him. (Boy, ain’t that a mouthful?)

Mr. Tester,

Thanks for the stump speech.  I clicked on the link you provided for contact, Jon. And there’s no such page. So much for transparency. I’ll just put this on the Net, in case you miss it in your inbox.

Now, while your Democratic party fans the smoke from yet another screen–the AIG bonus smoke-screen to be exact–just what is it you Democrats are doing that you feel such a need to hide:
  • Did you vote with your party to dump 5 billion more dollars into the auto industry last Thursday?
  • Whip out your calculator there, Senator, and tell us all what you think the Fed’s going to do to the value of the dollar, and ye olde economy, when it prints 1-trillion more monopoly dollars to buy Treasury bonds and mortgage securities. Love to know how much spending power you think the average middle-class American family is going to have left and for how long. Even my nine-year-old can add and subtract, multiply and divide.
  • Speaking of adding–the costs to the American taxpayer that Democrats have allowed to rack up since December 2008 between the Federal Reserve, FDIC, the Treasury and Federal Housing Administration total approximately 8.5 trillion, and this does not include the 5.8 trillion Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac portfolios that we taxpayers are now solely responsible for…explain this to my daughter, will you? Explain to her how you and your buddies in Washington DC have mortgaged her life and future, and the lives and futures of her children, should she opt to breed more slaves for your new System of Governance. Please do. Give her your well-polished rap. Not that she’ll buy any of what you say since, as I mentioned before, she can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Hell, she can even work a calculator.
  • What about Treasury secretary Geithner’s additional 2.5 trillion he wants to bail out the banking industry? Makes that 10-billion dollar lands bill stuffed with earmarks and immune to amendments that you senators thought you quietly slipped past us all seem like chicken feed, eh? What’s a paltry 3.5 million special-interest pork party to celebrate the city of  St. Augustine, FLORIDA anyway? Even that 410 billion dollar porkalicious spending bill you so-called defenders of the public trust passed a few weeks ago pales in comparison to Geithner’s demand.
  • And what’s up with the $6 billion for volunteerism–GIVE Act, my ass–that slipped through the House behind the AIG smoke-screen? Who’s that going to reward? ACORN?
  • According to various reports, Obama’s “cap and trade global warming” scheme is going to cost around 2 trillion, almost three times the original estimate and this “universal health care initiative” is projected to cost an additional 1.5 trillion dollars over time. Where do you think this money’s going to come from? Whip out ye olde calculator and tell me–better yet, tell my nine-year-old daughter, Senator. It’s her future, and America’s, you’re stealing, one ignorant vote at a time.
Thanks, for nothing, Jon Tester, but your blind eye, your deaf ear, your total lack of indifference to the slavery of your countrymen. What a great American you are. Oh yeah, we’re all going to remember you, all right; you and all your Washington friends.

Mari Bushman

Why not cut and paste this letter, change the names to out the guilty, and send it to your senator or congressperson? With our compliments. Can anyone say Tea Party?

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