Threads, a Blaine Horney Mystery by Kris Karrel

Yep, the eBook was released September 30, 2007, by Jigsaw Press! The paperback is on its way, too!

Boy, am I thrilled! Can you say “published author”? Woo-hoo.

Now, for a limited time, my publisher, Jigsaw Press, has decided to offer the world at large a free download of the eBook.

Who doesn’t like free?

So head on over to my website, Kris Karrel, or Jigsaw Press, and get that free download! You can pre-order the paperback, too. And if you’re of a mind, I’d sure appreciate it if get in touch with me or the publisher and leave some feedback on the story, pro or con.

For those of you yet undecided, here’s a peek at the back cover copy:

Why the ethics of this side job began to nag as the miles passed under the tires, the Texas Ranger didn’t have a clue. A personal favor for an unidentified friend of his captain wouldn’t exactly hurt his career. The double homicide was cold enough, a year old yesterday. And out of his or any Ranger’s usual jurisdiction, whole states out—Morrison, Montana, a town so small it didn’t rate a dot on a map.

Should be cut-and-dried easy.

Especially for a Ranger with a psychic gift, one that in the blink of his mind’s eye crisscrossed the world in threads, the ectoplasmic trails of people past and present, the residue of their daily lives, any moment of which he might experience simply by crossing their paths.

When it worked.

Always a downside to everything. Like a hangover chases good whiskey, or a high-class escort expects to be paid, or the name on some mythical office should he ever leave the Rangers to form an agency of his own.

Horney Investigations.

Beat Blaine Horney, PI or B. Horney, Private Investigator, but not by much.

A steady paycheck had a lot more appeal, for now anyway.

Side jobs notwithstanding.

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