The Honest Government and Open Government Act of 2007

What an oxymoron the title of this blog is.  Wow, the Congress is going to pass a bill that among other things restricts access to parking and gym privileges by former members who turn lobbyists.  I bet that’s causing strife and debate all over the Hill.

Under this bill passed overwhelmingly by the House today and awaiting approval by the Senate later this week, former senators must wait two years before becoming lobbyists.  House representatives only have to wait one year.  Gee.  What a sacrifice there, huh?

This bill would require all congressional travel paid for by outside interests be posted on the Internet.  Where isn’t exactly spelled out in this article according to Time.  Buried deep on some obscure page at  Good luck finding it.

There hasn’t been honest government or open government for decades.  Who is Congress trying to kid anyway?  Surely it can’t be the People of these United States, can it?

I think the majority of us are all damn well finished being dazzled by so-called reforms from either side of the political and legislative aisle.  Not even their bullshit can baffle us anymore.  They don’t want honesty unless there’s some political payoff for them.  They won’t give us open government until we demand a binding national referendum once a year to decide for ourselves whether or not they’re doing their jobs or ought to be fired.

Personally, I think they should be fired without delay and forfeit their pensions.  But that’s just me.  And a thousand other people I know…

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