The Best Writing Advice–Free.

There are a multitude of books purportedly able to teach anyone the craft of writing–fiction, nonfiction, how to write and market a best seller in thirty days–even with no talent for the written word whatsoever.  A host of methods, courses, workshops all with one thing in common–money.  They want your money.  Period. 

The successful novelists and authors in the world know the secret to all of the above, just as I do, and now I’m going to pass it on to the world, no strings attached.  That’s right–no book to buy, no course for which you must mortgage your house, no method requiring your firstborn as a prerequisite.  I’m going to share this secret with you for free.  You read that right–free. 

The issue of talent aside, the secret to learning the craft of writing boils down to a daily discipline called reading and writing.  Or if you prefer, study and practice.  Every day.  Read and write, study and practice your craft.  Musicians swear that ten minutes a day is more beneficial than three hours a day every three days.  The same holds true for writers.  Ten words a day, ten minutes a day, a daily discipline, holidays included.

And please, spare me the crap.  If you believe you can only write when you get in the mood, then find something else to do, something you’re passionate about, something you’re in the mood for all the time.  Writing ain’t your gig. 

If you discover that you do not need to be physically restrained from writing every single spare minute of your life, then save your money on the courses, the methods, the workshops.  Move on.  Find something to get up in the morning for, because you ain’t no writer.  

No one who wants to write fiction can do so successfully without reading fiction, and preferably all genre’s.  Read and write.  Every day. 

 There’s the best advice no money can buy. 

Once you pass the million word mark, you’ll know some of what I’m talking about.  Once you pass two million, you’re probably a writer, so get busy and make us proud. 


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